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I have a rails app with thinking_sphinx successfully working for indexing/searching. I was, however, wondering if there was a way to get partial work matches to search. Meaning if I have a report with title "Best Report" and I searched "Best" it would return that report.

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I'm not sure, but it working this way by default, however you can look into match modes here http://freelancing-god.github.com/ts/en/searching.html

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i suggest you to try the Wildcard search with Thinking Sphinx.

There are basically three settings that rule the wildcard search world: * enable_star * min_prefix_len * min_infix_len

  • min_prefix_len => Minimum word prefix length to index
  • min_infix_len => Infix indexing allows to implement wildcard searching by 'start*','*end', and 'middle' wildcards

Note: *enabled_star is required plus one of the other two for settings for enabling either prefix or infix search (can't have both, at least on the same index)*

For Example :

Model :

class Comment < ActiveRecord::Base

   #define the indexes for your searchable attributes 

  define_index do
   indexes :comment
   enable_star: true
   min_infix_len: 3
   has created_at,updated_at


Controller :

 class CommentsController < ApplicationController

     def search
      @result = ThinkingSphinx.search "*#{params[:id]}*" ,:classes => [Comment,....] 


Then Rebuild the thinking_sphinx :

  1. rake ts:stop
  2. rake ts:index
  3. rake ts:start


  1. rake ts:rebuild

the above example will result following instances :

  • Comment.search "Best*"

  • Comment.search "Best Rep* "

  • Comment.search "Rep " .. etc

If any queries feel free, please ask me .......

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