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I am a java developer. I want to learn SOA/SaaS for our web application. What is best book/resource to start with ?

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Thomas Erl is the SOA godfather. When we talk about this there's no way to runway from him.

I have two books from him:

  1. Service-Oriented Architecture - Concepts, Technology and Design
  2. SOA - Principles of service Design

The second one sounds like a repetition of the first one in colour mode. It has half of the content and focus only on SOA. I recommend the first of my list. When you finish it, go for SOA pattern and SOA Contracts edition.

I after reading those books, I felt the need to understand the business process language and process design. Helps a lot at services construct decision. And for this subject I'm trying Business Process Driven SOA using BPMN and BPEL (Matjaz B. Juric and Kapil Pant) I haven't finished yet but sounds good.

For SaaS is a little more dificult because I don't think all it's content can be present in just one book. But, I have a nice title SaaS Architecture, Adoption and Monetization. I still reading because if too managerial and too english (ITIL).

anyway, Best

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SOA and SaaS are really entirely distinct concepts in most cases. That doesn't mean you can have SaaS that is built on SOA principals of course.

For SOA I like Software Fortresses though it slightly predates the use of the term SOA and can be hard to get hold of in paper form now. It emphasizes contracts and isolation, something a lot of SOA authors gloss over or miss entirely.

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As others have suggested the books by Thomas Erl are great. I would recommend

SOA Design Patterns

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