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I have to develop a GUI either using java or .Net technologies for firmware product. But GUI includes the following features

first--> Line charts for realtime data second---> Guages for realtime data

And Service layer at firmware end can be c(c++) or java. To draw realtime data we need technologies like ajax.Further we cant use conventional webservers like apache in my environment as we are not using any web components and everything will be processed at client end after fetching the data from the firmware end.

Hence can someone suggest the best technologies to create a best, realible and scalable architectures for front end as well as firmware end. Both GUI and firmware should be loosely coupled. If someone has already implemented a project of this kind, please throw some light on this.

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What are you using for the GUI? The first sentence of the question indicates Java or .NET, but later you mention AJAX, which is incompatible with "not using any web components." –  Adam Mihalcin Apr 30 '12 at 4:44
Adam, Thanks for the responce. We can invoke functions of native languages like c,c++ using ajax . No need to use web components for this and conventional apache servers are also not required. Here data will be processed by c processor and will give the data back to ajax. Further we are using html for front end. –  Ajay Babuu Kunapareddyy Apr 30 '12 at 7:14

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