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I am a newbie in yii framework. I need multiple file upload field in my form like this http://www.eha.ee/labs/yiiplay/index.php/en/site/widget?view=multifileupload.

But i could't find the detailed code and upload methods in this url. I also need to save the array of urls of uploaded images in my database. Is there any detailed reference? Please help me.

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Uploading multiple images with CMultiFileUpload look here


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You can use CUploadedFile to manage files that are being uploaded to your server. To handle multiple just format your model and it's rules correctly, there shouldn't be a problem.

Have a look here to get started:

Then come back if you've got a specific problem with something.

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stackoverflow.com/questions/19197777/… can you help me to solve same proble –  404 Not Found Oct 5 '13 at 12:49

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