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I have a number of pages with custom harepoint visual web parts. In the page load of these web parts, i am doing some logic which i need to trigger every time the page loads. the problem is that when i use the browser back button, or javascript, to redirect the user to the previous page, the pageload is not being invoked. it seems like the page is being retrieved from a cache. can this be disabled easily? is there any other workaround to ensure that the code fires every time the page is rendered?

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Using the back button will load from cache, you are correct in that.

To disable cache, you need to set an "expires" = -1 meta tag in the head section of the page but this seems a bit drastic in order to fire logic for a page.

I'd suggest using the jQuery document ready approach rather than page load. This will fire regardless of where the page information is loaded from.

$(document).ready(function() {

// Insert code here

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