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My application needs a lot of PNGs and I often mess up my code while trying to work with them. To make my life easier I made one big PNG image in Realword Paint and pasted all those small PNG images on to it. Now I have one file instead. Now all I need is to copy one PNG on to other with transparency (btw don't ask why), because I need to work with each image induvidually. I am bad programmer when it comes to working with images. I am using Delphi 7.


procedure TPngObject.Resize(const CX, CY: Integer);
  function Min(const A, B: Integer): Integer;
    if A < B then Result := A else Result := B;
  Header: TChunkIHDR;
  Line, NewBytesPerRow: Integer;
  NewHandle: HBitmap;
  NewDC: HDC;
  NewImageData: Pointer;
  NewImageAlpha: Pointer;
  NewImageExtra: Pointer;
  if (CX > 0) and (CY > 0) then
    {Gets some actual information}
    Header := Self.Header;

    {Creates the new image}
    NewDC := CreateCompatibleDC(Header.ImageDC);
    Header.BitmapInfo.bmiHeader.biWidth := cx;
    Header.BitmapInfo.bmiHeader.biHeight := cy;
    NewHandle := CreateDIBSection(NewDC, pBitmapInfo(@Header.BitmapInfo)^,
      DIB_RGB_COLORS, NewImageData, 0, 0);
    SelectObject(NewDC, NewHandle);
    {$IFDEF UseDelphi}Canvas.Handle := NewDC;{$ENDIF}
    NewBytesPerRow := (((Header.BitmapInfo.bmiHeader.biBitCount * cx) + 31)
      and not 31) div 8;

    {Copies the image data}
    for Line := 0 to Min(CY - 1, Height - 1) do
      CopyMemory(Ptr(Longint(NewImageData) + (Longint(CY) - 1) *
      NewBytesPerRow - (Line * NewBytesPerRow)), Scanline[Line],
      Min(NewBytesPerRow, Header.BytesPerRow));

    {Build array for alpha information, if necessary}
    if (Header.ColorType = COLOR_RGBALPHA) or
      (Header.ColorType = COLOR_GRAYSCALEALPHA) then
      GetMem(NewImageAlpha, CX * CY);
      Fillchar(NewImageAlpha^, CX * CY, 255);
      for Line := 0 to Min(CY - 1, Height - 1) do
        CopyMemory(Ptr(Longint(NewImageAlpha) + (Line * CX)),
        AlphaScanline[Line], Min(CX, Width));
      Header.ImageAlpha := NewImageAlpha;

    {$IFDEF Store16bits}
    if (Header.BitDepth = 16) then
      GetMem(NewImageExtra, CX * CY);
      Fillchar(NewImageExtra^, CX * CY, 0);
      for Line := 0 to Min(CY - 1, Height - 1) do
        CopyMemory(Ptr(Longint(NewImageExtra) + (Line * CX)),
        ExtraScanline[Line], Min(CX, Width));
      Header.ExtraImageData := NewImageExtra;

    {Deletes the old image}

    {Prepares the header to get the new image}
    Header.BytesPerRow := NewBytesPerRow;
    Header.IHDRData.Width := CX;
    Header.IHDRData.Height := CY;
    Header.ImageData := NewImageData;

    {Replaces with the new image}
    Header.ImageHandle := NewHandle;
    Header.ImageDC := NewDC;
    {The new size provided is invalid}
    RaiseError(EPNGInvalidNewSize, EInvalidNewSize)


SmoothResize by Gustavo Daud

procedure SmoothResize(apng:tpngobject; NuWidth,NuHeight:integer);
  xscale, yscale         : Single;
  sfrom_y, sfrom_x       : Single;
  ifrom_y, ifrom_x       : Integer;
  to_y, to_x             : Integer;
  weight_x, weight_y     : array[0..1] of Single;
  weight                 : Single;
  new_red, new_green     : Integer;
  new_blue, new_alpha    : Integer;
  new_colortype          : Integer;
  total_red, total_green : Single;
  total_blue, total_alpha: Single;
  IsAlpha                : Boolean;
  ix, iy                 : Integer;
  bTmp : TPNGObject;
  sli, slo : pRGBLine;
  ali, alo: pbytearray;
  if not (apng.Header.ColorType in [COLOR_RGBALPHA, COLOR_RGB]) then
    raise Exception.Create('Only COLOR_RGBALPHA and COLOR_RGB formats' +
    ' are supported');
  IsAlpha := apng.Header.ColorType in [COLOR_RGBALPHA];
  if IsAlpha then new_colortype := COLOR_RGBALPHA else
    new_colortype := COLOR_RGB;
  bTmp := Tpngobject.CreateBlank(new_colortype, 8, NuWidth, NuHeight);
  xscale := bTmp.Width / (apng.Width-1);
  yscale := bTmp.Height / (apng.Height-1);
  for to_y := 0 to bTmp.Height-1 do begin
    sfrom_y := to_y / yscale;
    ifrom_y := Trunc(sfrom_y);
    weight_y[1] := sfrom_y - ifrom_y;
    weight_y[0] := 1 - weight_y[1];
    for to_x := 0 to bTmp.Width-1 do begin
      sfrom_x := to_x / xscale;
      ifrom_x := Trunc(sfrom_x);
      weight_x[1] := sfrom_x - ifrom_x;
      weight_x[0] := 1 - weight_x[1];

      total_red   := 0.0;
      total_green := 0.0;
      total_blue  := 0.0;
      total_alpha  := 0.0;
      for ix := 0 to 1 do begin
        for iy := 0 to 1 do begin
          sli := apng.Scanline[ifrom_y + iy];
          if IsAlpha then ali := apng.AlphaScanline[ifrom_y + iy];
          new_red := sli[ifrom_x + ix].rgbtRed;
          new_green := sli[ifrom_x + ix].rgbtGreen;
          new_blue := sli[ifrom_x + ix].rgbtBlue;
          if IsAlpha then new_alpha := ali[ifrom_x + ix];
          weight := weight_x[ix] * weight_y[iy];
          total_red   := total_red   + new_red   * weight;
          total_green := total_green + new_green * weight;
          total_blue  := total_blue  + new_blue  * weight;
          if IsAlpha then total_alpha  := total_alpha  + new_alpha  * weight;
      slo := bTmp.ScanLine[to_y];
      if IsAlpha then alo := bTmp.AlphaScanLine[to_y];
      slo[to_x].rgbtRed := Round(total_red);
      slo[to_x].rgbtGreen := Round(total_green);
      slo[to_x].rgbtBlue := Round(total_blue);
      if isAlpha then alo[to_x] := Round(total_alpha);

Thanks a lot, Have a nice day!

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Don't shoot me for asking, but why not just dump all the individual PNGs into a Resource File and load them as needed from that instead? It's one file when you're done, and gets packed into the resource space of your executable... one line of code to load the stored PNGs, easy as it gets no? – LaKraven Apr 30 '12 at 8:15
@LaKraven I knew that somebody will ask this! :/ But I need to slice the BIG one PNG to small them and work with them. As always nodoby wants to help here... – Little Helper Apr 30 '12 at 8:38
Well, then one approach (though not the most elegant, I'm sure) would be to iterate X and Y of the segment, then replicate the pixel colour (RGBA to retain Alpha) onto your new PNG container instance. This of course would require you to know the Top, Bottom, Left and Right co-ordinates of your "segments". – LaKraven Apr 30 '12 at 8:43
@LaKren I know all this, but the problem that I am dumb, I don't know how to do this, I am asking for code. I don't want to be rude but I just can't do anything without code. I am not lazy, I am noob when working with images at this level... – Little Helper Apr 30 '12 at 8:46
Then before me (or someone else) post a code sample here, take a look into that TPNGImage.Resize function. The only modification you will have to do is to start the iterations not from 0 but from coordinates you specify. – TLama Apr 30 '12 at 8:54
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Here is one sample code modified from a 'SlicePNG' ("This function slices a large PNG file (e.g. an image with all images for a toolbar) into smaller, equally-sized pictures") procedure found elsewhere:

procedure CropPNG(Source: TPNGObject; Left, Top, Width, Height: Integer;
    out Target: TPNGObject);

  function ColorToTriple(Color: TColor): TRGBTriple;
    Color := ColorToRGB(Color);
    Result.rgbtBlue := Color shr 16 and $FF;
    Result.rgbtGreen := Color shr 8 and $FF;
    Result.rgbtRed := Color and $FF;

   X, Y: Integer;
   Bitmap: TBitmap;
   BitmapLine: PRGBLine;
   AlphaLineA, AlphaLineB: pngimage.PByteArray;
  if (Source.Width < (Left + Width)) or (Source.Height < (Top + Height)) then
    raise Exception.Create('Invalid position/size');

  Bitmap := TBitmap.Create;
    Bitmap.Width := Width;
    Bitmap.Height := Height;
    Bitmap.PixelFormat := pf24bit;

    for Y := 0 to Bitmap.Height - 1 do begin
      BitmapLine := Bitmap.Scanline[Y];
      for X := 0 to Bitmap.Width - 1 do
        BitmapLine^[X] := ColorToTriple(Source.Pixels[Left + X, Top + Y]);

    Target := TPNGObject.Create;

  if Source.Header.ColorType in [COLOR_GRAYSCALEALPHA, COLOR_RGBALPHA] then begin
    for Y := 0 to Target.Height - 1 do begin
      AlphaLineA := Source.AlphaScanline[Top + Y];
      AlphaLineB := Target.AlphaScanline[Y];
      for X := 0 to Target.Width - 1 do
        AlphaLineB^[X] := AlphaLineA^[X + Left];

Sample call:

  Png: TPNGObject;
  CroppedPNG: TPNGobject;
  PNG := TPNGObject.Create;

  CropPNG(PNG, 30, 10, 60, 50, CroppedPNG);
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OMFG, Thanks =3, I own you one :)))) – Little Helper Apr 30 '12 at 13:22
@Sertac, now thinking about it, wouldn't be possible to use the StretchDIBits and modify the image header only ? – TLama Apr 30 '12 at 13:26
+1 for the simplicity. @TLama, I also believe that this could be done without the use of TBitmap, by starting up with CreateBlank and copying the Scanline and AlphaScanline to the new PNG. but I'm too lazy to actually try anything today ;) – kobik Apr 30 '12 at 13:42

Here is another version (It works very fast):

procedure CropPNG(Source: TPNGObject; Left, Top, Width, Height: Integer;
  out Target: TPNGObject);
  IsAlpha: Boolean;
  Line: Integer;
  if (Source.Width < (Left + Width)) or (Source.Height < (Top + Height)) then
    raise Exception.Create('Invalid position/size');

  Target := TPNGObject.CreateBlank(Source.Header.ColorType, 
    Source.Header.BitDepth, Width, Height);
  IsAlpha := Source.Header.ColorType in [COLOR_GRAYSCALEALPHA, COLOR_RGBALPHA];
  for Line := 0 to Target.Height - 1 do
    if IsAlpha then
        Ptr(LongInt(Source.AlphaScanline[Line + Top]) + LongInt(Left)), 
      Ptr(LongInt(Source.Scanline[Line + Top]) + LongInt(Left * 3)), 
      Target.Width * 3);

Note: The above code is compatible with the newer pngimage Version 1.56+ (which supports the CreateBlank constructor)

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If @Sertac procedure fails, I will try this one.. – Little Helper Apr 30 '12 at 16:34
@Sertac's method will not "fail". It works good actually. I only shared an alternative which does not involves a middle TBitmap and should be faster. – kobik Apr 30 '12 at 16:36
I tested it time ago, I just saying that if there will be any problems, maybe I will use yours. – Little Helper Apr 30 '12 at 16:40
I wish I had not put that rather pointless check in the beginning. Anyway, this is really nice! – Sertac Akyuz Apr 30 '12 at 16:47
@Roberts, That's a whole new question/issue... – kobik Apr 30 '12 at 17:54

I've tried writing code to just load a png using libpng. It's pretty horrible to work with.

Try using imlib2 to take care of translating PNG files. it has a Delphi binding, apparently.

If if you get really stuck you could use Inage Magick's separate executable to do the image cropping.

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