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There are quite a number of page flip / curl effects using HTML5 & CSS3 in the Internet, but it seems I cannot find any page fold effects ( fold up the page both left & right side to middle ).

Any advice / suggestion on using which tool ? Mootools ?

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take a look at CSS3 3d-transformations ;)

see (source-code) and for the beginning

EDIT: to actually achieve your folding-up effect, you'd have to add 2 <div>s that get 3d-transformed when hovering/whatever. Actually it's not that hard, when you understand the basics ;)

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It's a js lib - oriDomi, which can help you create foldup effect

Try demo here

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Thanks for the demo link. Is there user interactions available? I tried the demo in Chrome, but there is no mouse interactions. – Raptor Sep 3 '12 at 2:05

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