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I got a problem on Ruby directory searching. I want to implment sth like gitignore file. When some file are listed in an ignore file, it will not be searched.

For example here is a list of directory, if i want to ignore /bar ( and all its sub files)

/bar    (directory)

If I use Dir["/**/*"] every file will be searched. how can i just search through foo directory only?

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Dir["/foo/**/*"] – Michael Slade Apr 30 '12 at 9:38
Dir["/**/*"].reject{|f|f["/bar/"]}.each do |file|
  puts file

In case you have multiple subs to filter out use Regexp.union, eg all my google drive files without the subs \docs and \ruby

pattern = Regexp.union("C:/Users/peter/Google Drive/ruby", "C:/Users/peter/Google Drive/docs")
Dir["C:/Users/peter/Google Drive/**/**"].reject{|f|f[pattern]}.each do |file|
  p file
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