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I'm bulding a small WPF app over here. It's all built strictly with MVVM, using nothing but DataTemplates linked to view model types.

I've seen alot of questions about how to stretch and clip the contents of ListBoxes so that the items fill its parent. After alot of experimenting I managed to get my head around that but now I find myself in the same scenario with the ItemsControl but the same tricks doesn't seem to work.

Here's one of the DataTemplates in use (a simple TextBox). Note how I tried setting the HorizontalAlignment ...

<DataTemplate DataType="{x:Type vm:OneOfMyViewModelTypes}">
        Text="{Binding Path=Value}"

Here's the ItemsControl inside a Grid ...

<Grid Background="Gray">
                    Left="{StaticResource ConfigurationDefaultMargin}" 
                    Right="{StaticResource ConfigurationDefaultMargin}" 
                    Bottom="{StaticResource ConfigurationDefaultMargin}" 
                    Top="{StaticResource ConfigurationDefaultMargin}" 
                <ColumnDefinition SharedSizeGroup="_key" Width="Auto"/>
                <ColumnDefinition SharedSizeGroup="_value" Width="*"/>

                ItemsSource="{Binding Path=Configuration, Mode=OneWay}" 
                                <ColumnDefinition SharedSizeGroup="_key"/>
                                <ColumnDefinition SharedSizeGroup="_value"/>
                                Style="{StaticResource ExtensionConfigurationLabel}"
                                Text="{Binding Path=Caption}" 

I've used colors to see how the controls sizes. The Grid is gray and the ItemsControl is dark gray.

This is the result ...

This is the result

As you can see from the colors the containing Grid stretches while the ItemsControl does not. I did set its HorizontalAlignment property to Stretch but it seems it has no effect. Is there anything else I need do?


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You have two columns in your main (outer) grid, yet you use only the first column. The second column uses all the remaining space.

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Lester: I was under the misconception that I needed that outer Grid to be able to use shared size scope for its columns. As you can see I do tie the two elements of each item to one of the two columns. Apparently I can use this feature without an aouter grid and that made the ItemsControl stretch as expected. But the items (the text box of the DataTemplate) still auto sizes to its own content. – Jonas Rembratt Apr 30 '12 at 9:23

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