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We have two Informatica jobs that run in parallel.

One starts at 11.40 CET and it has around 300 Informatica workflows in it out of which one is fact_sales.

The other job runs at 3.40 CET and it has around 115 workflows in it many of which are dependent on fact_sales in term of data consistency.

The problem is fact_sales should finish before certain workflows in process 2 starts for data to be accurate, but this doesnt happen generally.

What we are trying to do is to split the process 2 in such a way that fact_sales dependent workflows run only after the fact_sales has finished.

Can you provide me a way to go about writing a unix shell script that check the status of this fact_sales and if it successfull then kicks off other dependent workflows and if not then it should send a failure mail. thanks

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Are you saying that informatica doesn't support job/script/flow dependencies as a basic function? Good luck. – shellter Apr 30 '12 at 12:34
it does and i never said it doesnt but the system is such we cant use the functionality – Egyptian May 1 '12 at 5:09

I don't see the need to write a custom shell script for this. Most of this is pretty standard/common functionality that can be implemented using Command Task and event waits.

**Process1 - runs at 11:50**
 fact_sales workflow. **Add a command task at the end 
                      **that drops a flag, say, fact_sales_0430.done

And all the dependent processes will have an event wait that waits on this .done file. Since there are multiple dependant workflows, make sure none of them deletes the file right away. You can drop this .done file at the end of the day or when the load starts for the next day.

dependantworkflow1 -- Event wait, waiting on fact_sales_0430.done (do not delete file).
dependantworkflow2 -- Event wait, waiting on fact_sales_0430.done (do not delete file).
dependantworkflow3 -- Event wait, waiting on fact_sales_0430.done (do not delete file).
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i was all guns for this approach but the fact is the dependencies are huge and the number of workflows we are dealing is say about 200 workflows. the problem seems to be that we have to split up the process 2 according to fact_sales. using command task and event wait at every dependent workflows doesnt seems to a logical task though it is the safest. – Egyptian May 1 '12 at 5:06
Understood. In that case, you should probably start building a custom scheduler based on UNIX Cron. You can have tables such as WKF_STATUS, WKF_LOGS and WKF_DEPENDENCIES. Your script will run as a background process and check for any parent processes that are complete (STATUS="COMPLETE") and submit all the dependant processes that have not yet run (STATUS="NOTRUN"). Takes time, but doable. Take a look at etl-developer.com/2011/04/… and see if it helps. Your script would be on similar lines except for the deamon process. – Rajesh Chamarthi May 1 '12 at 13:56
Considering Sales Fact table load needs to be finished for 20 workflows (in the second set) to start. (just an example number, yours can be different). Like Rajesh said, create a file on your file system after the first load finishes. In the second set of workflows, the dependent ones should have this as a extra dependency in the workflow. Wait for the file to be there, but dont delete it. sounds fairly simple to me. – Raghav May 4 '12 at 7:16

A second approach can be as follows -

You must be running some kind of scheduler for launching these workflows.. since Informatica cant schedule multiple workflows in a set, it can only handle worklet/sessions at that level of dependency mgmt.

From the scheduler, create a dependency across the sales fact load wf and the other dependent workflows..

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I think below mentioned script will work for you. Please udpate the parameters.

    while [ ${WAIT_LOOP} -eq 1 ]
        WF_STATUS=`pmcmd getworkflowdetails -sv $INFA_INTEGRATION_SERVICE -d $INFA_DOMAIN -uv INFA_USER_NAME -pv INFA_PASSWORD -usd Client -f $FOLDER_NAME $WORKFLOW_NAME(fact_sales) | grep "Workflow run status:" | cut -d'[' -f2 | cut -d']' -f1`
            echo ${WF_STATUS} | tee -a $LOG_FILE_NAME
                    case "${WF_STATUS}" in
                    if [ ${WAIT_LOOP} -eq 1 ]
                            sleep $WAIT_SECONDS
            if [ ${WF_STATUS} == "Succeeded" ]
                    pmcmd startworkflow -sv $INFA_INTEGRATION_SERVICE -d $INFA_DOMAIN -uv INFA_USER_NAME -pv INFA_PASSWORD -usd Client -f $FOLDER_NAME -paramfile $PARAMETER_FILE $WORKFLOW_NAME(dependent_one) | tee $LOG_FILE_NAME
                    (echo "Please find attached Logs for Run" ; uuencode $LOG_FILE_NAME $LOG_FILE_NAME )| mailx -s "Execution logs" $EMAIL_LIST
                    exit 1
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