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With Rails 3.2 I have the following in config/routes.rb

scope "/:locale" do
    resource :users, :only => [:new, :create]

    namespace :admin do
        resources :specifications

Users routes works as expected, specifications routes works except index. With a GET call to "/en/admin/specifications" the following error is returned:

No route matches {:action=>"show", :controller=>"admin/specifications", :locale=>#<Specification id: 1, name: "Check-in", created_at: "2012-04-28 12:10:29", updated_at: "2012-04-28 12:10:29">}

What am I doing wrong ?

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Try to add this in your application controller:

def default_url_options(options={})
  {:locale => I18n.locale}

It worked for me, I suggest you to read the sections of the I18n guide where to explain how to set the locale from the URL params.

PS: Welcome to StackOverflow ;)

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