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I am hoping for some help. I have a string value - will be coming back as Y or N. On a page I would like to convert this and display it as a readonly checkbox on the page.

I have tried

@Html.CheckboxFor( model => Convert.ToBoolean(MyString)) 

but it does not like that. Has anyone got any ideas how I can acheive this. Do I need to do a convert to bool on my string in my c# controller page?

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Do you think Convert to Boolean would evaluate "Y" as what ? Least you could do is Convert.ToBoolean(MyString =="Y") – V4Vendetta Apr 30 '12 at 9:28
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Create a field on your Model that does the conversion. CheckBoxFor expects an Expression<Func<TModel, Boolean>> because it needs to know property name based on expression.

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Why are you storing it as a string with a Y/N value?

I don't know if you can do that with CheckboxFor() - you may need to use a regular checkbox instead and just make sure that it is disabled and the value is MyString == "Y" which should return true or false based on your storage option.

More sensible, though, would be to change the Y/N to true/false on the way into the database, which would then allow you to use the data more practically.

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Unfortunately its a 3rd party who will ne sending the data back to me and they store Y/N as a string – Ctrl_Alt_Defeat Apr 30 '12 at 9:40

What about:

@Html.CheckBoxFor(Model => Model.MyString=="Y", new { @Readonly = "readonly" })

This may work.

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This simple way works fine

@Html.CheckBox("IsActive", Model.MyString == "Y" ? true : false)
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string stringValue = "true";
bool value;
bool.TryParse(stringValue, out value);

or in ASP.NET

@Html.CheckboxFor( model => C bool.Parse(model.MyString))
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