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I would like to concatenate strings. I tried using strcat:

x = 5;
m = strcat('is', num2str(x)) 

but this function removes trailing white-space characters from each string. Is there another MATLAB function to perform string concatenation which maintains trailing white-space?

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You can use horzcat instead of strcat:

>> strcat('one ','two')
ans =
>> horzcat('one ','two')
ans =
one two

Alternatively, if you're going to be substituting numbers into strings, it might be better to use sprintf:

>> x = 5;
>> sprintf('is %d',x)
ans =
is 5
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How about

strcat({' is '},{num2str(5)})

that gives

' is 5'
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Have a look at the final example on the strcat documentation: try using horizontal array concatination instead of strcat:

m = ['is ', num2str(x)]

Also, have a look at sprintf for more information on string formatting (leading/trailing spaces etc.).

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What spaces does this not take into account ? Only the spaces you haven't mentioned ! Did you mean:

m = strcat( ' is ',num2str(x) ) 

perhaps ?

Matlab isn't going to guess (a) that you want spaces or (b) where to put the spaces it guesses you want.

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that space you put there, will be trimmed off if you use strcat –  Gunther Struyf Apr 30 '12 at 11:17

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