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What is compiler mode in Magento?

I want to know this concept, Let me know if any one knows?

Thanks in Advance.

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Google -> "magento compiler mode" first hit:

It turns out that having PHP search for a large number of include files over a large number of different directories can create a performance bottleneck under certain types of load. To combat this, the Magento core team created the Magento Compiler extension, and started shipping Magento with this functionality around version 1.4 CE.

What the compiler does is makes a copy of every class in a Magento system and places them in a single folder. The class’s full name is used for the filename to ensure uniqueness




This is done once. Then, when Magento is configured to use the compiler classes, its autoload will look in the compiler folder instead of running its normal autoload routine. This spares PHP the overhead of transversing the file system for all the different include paths.

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You really want to do testing to make sure this actually speeds things up for you. For example, my webserver has a RAID array that is pretty fast. Having the compiler enabled actually made things go slower for me. I would get to know how the Apache Benchmarking tool works so you can do your own tests. –  Josh Pennington Apr 30 '12 at 10:00
Also, I've run into strange bugs when compiler mode is enabled. It's also a hassle to recompile every time you push an update, in addition to clearing cache. I read somewhere that the Magento team recommends not using it, since it's not as necessary with recent releases of Magento. –  Zachary Schuessler Apr 30 '12 at 15:31

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