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I have a XL spreadsheet consisting of a client (master)worksheet with monthly (clone) worksheets for workflow and task controls. The same client details are used on all the worksheets.If I add a new line or column in the master sheet it also needs to add same on all the clone sheets. however, I do not want to have the blank cells in the master to display 0's in the clone sheets. They should remain blank in the clone sheets also. I've used the paste link function. How else can I update clone sheets from master sheet without displaying 0's in blank cells from master sheet?

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If your concern is just display of blank cells as 0, then consider a custom format for the client sheet cells such as #;-#;;@ (the third parameter is for 0 values) (of cource this will also display cells which actually contains 0's as blanks)

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go to file > options > advanced > "Display options for this worksheet:" {Your worksheet} >

Click off "show a zero in cells that have zero value"

Hope that helps!

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Breiefly, the problem is that Excel incorrectly interprets the Empty returned value of the Variant type. There is another approach if a source data is under control: set the empty (blank) cells to formula ="". The INDIRECT Worksheet function correctly reproduces the mentioned error of the master and "replicated" worksheets. Here is the screenshot showing the "foreground" (Excel active worksheet) and "background" (Watches window of VBA Editor with internals of that worksheet):

Test Excel's interpretaition of an empty variant value

As we see, the cell A1 (ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Cells(1, 1).Formula) set formula ="", while A2 (ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Cells(2, 1).Formula) does not. As a result, formulas based on the INDIRECT Worksheet function (set B1 and B2 cells) show different value for the "same" input "" (empty string). The input "" is only look the same from Excel and Watches point of view, but is not from the debug using special "discovering" technics.

I've used the described trick in one of my solutions, using formulas set with macros.

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