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I am using Code Block with GNU GCC Compiler. And I am trying this code

int number,temp;

printf("Enter a number :");
temp = sqrt(number);
printf("\n%d",sqrt(number)); //print 987388755 -- > wrong result
printf("\n%d",temp); //print 3 -- > write result

return 0;

and in this code there are a result for input value 10 is


what is wrong in this code?

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You're using the GNU GNU C Compiler? – tbert Apr 30 '12 at 10:54
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sqrt returns a double:

double sqrt(double x);

You need:

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Using incorrect format specifier in printf() invokes Undefined Behaviour. sqrt() returns double but you use %d.

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Note that sqrt() returns a double, not an int - your compiler should be warning you about this, so long as you have warnings enabled. e.g. gcc -Wall ... (and if you don't have warnings enabled, then it's time to start making a habit of it).

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