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I have this kind of resource: var Products = $resource('companies/:companyId/products') The problem is, that I would like to get the products of all companies by url companies/products, but using resource and not providing companyId I am getting companies//products. Probably I could use another url, like just /products, but does it mean that I have to have another resource for the same thing?

In this simple case I could change the url to companies/products/:companyId, but it seems to be quite general case.

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Yes, currently you need to define another $resource.

But you can wrap multiple instances of $resource into a single service if you want...

app.factory('mergedRes', function($resource) {
  var r1 = $resource('/companies/:companyId/products');
      r2 = $resource('/companies/products');

  r1.getAll = r2.query.bind(r2);

  return r1;
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what if you want to chain 3 difference resources, how would that look like? –  abstractpaper May 4 '13 at 22:12
I have tried this solution but it is still showing r1's /companies//products even if companyId is empty. –  abstractpaper May 4 '13 at 22:18
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