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I have the following simple table, called TableA

ID  SomeVal
1   10
1   20
1   30
2   40
2   50
3   60

I want to select only those rows where SomeVal is the smallest value for the same ID value. So my results should look like this:

1   10
2   40
3   60

I think I need Group By in my SQL but am not sure how. Thanks for your help.

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FROM [TableName]
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Wrote that but it didn't work because I had another column in the Group By part. Thanks again! –  AndroidDev Apr 30 '12 at 11:25

Group by will perform the aggregate function (MIN) for every unique value that is grouped by, and return the result.

I think this will do what you need:

Select ID, Min(SomeVal)
From MyTable
Group By ID
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