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Has anyone seen something like this:

when running make in a project using autotools, it always rebuils everyhing. Running with make -d, shows that make looks for foo.lo files and because they are not found, always recompiles foo.c.

It seems to be related to builddir != srcdir. The .lo files are of course in the builddir. But apparently make or libtool are expecting them somewhere else:

Debug output lookgs like this:

Prerequisite /path/to/srcdir/foo.h' is older than targetfoo.lo'. /path/to/builddir/.deps/foo.Plo:1 Must remake target `foo.lo'.

Update It seems the problem is caused by AC_PROG_LIBTOOL. According to the documentation it expects a variable called top_builddir to be set to the builddirectory. What is the standard way to set it? Is there a autoconf macro for this?

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A libtool update solved this problem

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