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I'm trying to export database using phpMyAdmin 3.4.5 same way as I many times did.

But, in .sql file are html tags. So, I saved .sql as an .html and opened it. There is a message:


SQL query: Edit Edit
SET time_zone = "+00:00"

MySQL said: Documentation
#1298 - Unknown or incorrect time zone: '+00:00' 
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I've tried every solution found in the web but nothing works. Maybe I not able to apply them!!!! But if you are experiencing the same problem and you are able to change phpMyAdmin settings you can easyly solve removing the flag in export UTC time in the export sql settings. Sorry I couldn't be more exaustive because I'm using italian version of XAMPP and phpMyAdmin. Please excuse my bad English.

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yes, like i comment before, unchecking "Dump TIMESTAMP columns in UTC" is a solution –  davor Aug 30 '13 at 10:11
thank.its work. –  saeed arab sheybani Apr 20 at 9:02


You may want to set your time zone.

SET time_zone = 'America/Los_Angeles';


SET time_zone = '00:00';


SET time_zone = "+00:00";
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i have values in mysql.time_zone_name table, but still getting same error when i execute query. if i uncheck 'Display comments' and 'Dump TIMESTAMP columns in UTC' export works. –  davor Apr 30 '12 at 12:12

I have same problem on my Mac. I know how to resolve this problem. I access into phpmyadmin by this link

(Long is my name),
I hope you can resolve this problem.

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