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    TableBoxes                          TableItems
 BoxCode    BoxDesc                   ItemNo    BoxCode       ItemDesc
    X1        Freight1                   123       X1            Tomatoes
    X4        Freight2                   124       X1            Apples  
    X8        Freight3                   128       X4            Potatoes   

I want result row for BoxCode=X1 only, with output ordered by ItemNo

BoxNumber         ItemNo               ItemDesc
   1                1                     Tomatoes
   1                2                     Apples

I can easily get the 'ItemNo' serial working by using row_number() on ItemNo. How do I find the serial of the box from the first table ? My current query

    row_number() over(
          order by a.ItemNo
    )as ItemNo
    TableItems a 
    inner join TableBoxes b 
        on a.BoxCode=b.BoxCode 

Can't figure out how to select serial for BoxCode, Damien.

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Is this what you want?

WITH TableBoxesRanked AS (
    BoxNumber = ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY BoxCode)
  FROM TableBoxes
  ItemNumber = ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY i.ItemNo),
FROM TableItems i
  INNER JOIN TableBoxesRanked b ON i.BoxCode = b.BoxCode
WHERE a.BoxCode = 'X1'
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Would'nt the first query run on the whole table first? Like, it would first assign row number to all rows in first table only then it would run a select on the result set by a where clause ? Say I have thousands of rows in the first table would this solution be feasible ? –  Zo Has Apr 30 '12 at 11:32
Logically, yes, I'd expect that to be so, because you can't find out the number of a BoxCode in a table without going through the entire table. Implementationally, though, an index seek might be used instead of a table scan (if an appropriate index on BoxCode exists). (That is, if I understand your requirements correctly.) –  Andriy M Apr 30 '12 at 11:37
Thanks for the explanation Andriy M it was really informative. –  Zo Has May 2 '12 at 5:27

Use dense_rank() like the below :

SELECT DENSE_RANK() OVER(order by a.BoxCode) , row_number() over(order by a.ItemNo)as ItemNo, ItemDesc 
from #TableItems a 
inner join #TableBoxes b on a.BoxCode=b.BoxCode where a.BoxCode in ('X1','X4')
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