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I started using Jasper Reports and I am exporting my data to PDF format. I have some database table fields with html image tags in it and there can be any amount of these tags in any place in these fields.Like this

I am a super star <img src="star.png"/>.I am so shiny <img src="shiny.png"/>

These fields are entered from a rtf supporting text area so the users can insert some pre defined images(like star.png and shiny.png) and when they click save relative paths of the images are saved also with the text entered like the example I gave above.

The problem surfaced when we wanted to use jasper reports to export these data to pdf.Even though jasper reports supports some html tags like <b> there is no support for <img>.So I have been searching for a few days to figure out how to accomplish this but could not find a solution yet.

Any gurus out there to help?


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This isn't a well defined question for StackOverflow. It's much too general. You'll need to explain what you've tried and what troubles you have encountered. –  mdahlman Apr 30 '12 at 16:20
@mdahlman you are right that was a rubbish question I made changes hope it is not worse than before.Thx –  Emre Apr 30 '12 at 22:17

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