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I generate object ids like this: mongodb_app:gen_objectid() This returns obviously a ObjectId type.

I need to have a BinType(3, ...) as we don't store objectids but binary subtype 3 ids.

Does anyone know how to convert this?

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figured out how to fix it, I use the uuid generator from avtobiff for generating the UUID:

generate_objectid_subtype3() ->
    {bin, uuid, uuid:uuid4()}.
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%%This method is used to generate ObjectId from binary string.
binary_string_to_objectid(BinaryString) ->
    binary_string_to_objectid(BinaryString, []).

binary_string_to_objectid(<<>>, Result) ->
binary_string_to_objectid(<<BS:2/binary, Bin/binary>>, Result) ->
    binary_string_to_objectid(Bin, [erlang:binary_to_integer(BS, 16)|Result]).

%%This method is used to generate binary string from objectid.
objectid_to_binary_string({Id}) ->
    objectid_to_binary_string(Id, []).

objectid_to_binary_string(<<>>, Result) ->
objectid_to_binary_string(<<Hex:8, Bin/binary>>, Result) ->
    StringList1 = erlang:integer_to_list(Hex, 16),
    StringList2 = case erlang:length(StringList1) of
        1 ->
        _ ->
    objectid_to_binary_string(Bin, [StringList2|Result]).

Test Example:

Out Put:

Out Put:

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