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I'm currently investigating to use MongoDB for storing E-Mail data. As E-Mails may become rather big in size (say 10 megs).

I believe that GridFS would be a good fit for this. What scares me a bit tough is, that the docs are not very clear about the shard size within gridFS. From what I understand is, that the shard size in gridFS is not equal to the normal shard size but defaults to 256kb. Which sounds to me like a big waste of space, as many e-mails will not exceed 50kb in size.

Is there a way to configure the shard size of files in GridFS to make it more adequate for storing mails?

Cheers, Matthias

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You do not have to worry about size. Even if the chunksize is 256kb, a document (containing your email) of 50kb, will still just use 50kb (+ minor overhead).

The chunksize is configured in the driver. For example with the PHP driver you would do:

$gridFs->storeFile( 'filename.txt', array( 'chunkSize' => 50 * 1024 ) );

And in the Java driver you'd call setChunkSize on GridFSInputFile.

But in general, you shouldn't have to worry about the chunkSize.

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"Even if the chunksize is 256kb, a document (containing your email) of 50kb, will still just use 50kb (+ minor overhead)." ... This is consistent with my experience, but I have not seen this documented anywhere official. It is mentioned in a mailing list thread. Also Robert Stam writes, "The last chunk of a GridFS file is only as large as it needs to be, so there won't be much overhead. – David James Aug 12 '12 at 1:24
Is it good to have larger chunk size for, let's say, video files? For me, the file sizes could be upto 200mb. That will create a lot of chunks for each media file. Will that effect performance? – Jayz Oct 8 '12 at 3:59
@Jayz MongoDB node manual has examples with larger chunks size: Advanced GridFS or how not to run out of memory – pinepain Nov 18 '14 at 14:51
I am storing images of 2 sizes 4-5kb or 1-2 kb. So should i reduce the chuck size?? Will it make the performance better?? – jeevs Aug 12 '15 at 20:17

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