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I'm trying to find out how to set DSN when using PHPMailer. I know at the SMTP Protocol level, the DSN is specified after RCPT TO, e.g. RCPT TO: NOTIFY=SUCCESS,FAILURE ORCPT=rfc822;recipientemail@gmail.com

Also, I will like to direct the DSN to other than the sender address if that is possible. Appreciate any pointers, thanks.

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I discovered that PHPMailer doesn't support DSN, so I had to amend class.smtp.php itself.

Original Code:

fputs($this->smtp_conn,"RCPT TO:<" . $to . ">" . $this->CRLF);

Change to:

 fputs($this->smtp_conn,"RCPT TO:<" . $to . "> NOTIFY=SUCCESS,FAILURE ORCPT=rfc822;" . $to ."" . $this->CRLF);

As for directing DSN to other than sender address, this can be achieved by defining:

 $mail->Sender = "bounced@email.com";
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This is true, but you can't just add that and expect it to work - the server needs to support it, and if it does, it will be listed in the EHLO response as DSN, as per RFC3461. –  Synchro Jul 24 at 10:19

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