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The code below is compiled from CoffeeScript, hope it's still readable

(function() {

  $(function() {
    var PLAYLIST_ID, SOUNDCLOUD_ID, tracks, tracks_ready, tracks_total;
    SOUNDCLOUD_ID = '6d5064768cc29c71e1f66691f435589a';
    PLAYLIST_ID = '1768866';
      client_id: SOUNDCLOUD_ID
    tracks = [];
    tracks_total = 0;
    tracks_ready = function() {
      return tracks[0].play();
    return SC.get('/playlists/' + PLAYLIST_ID, function(pl) {
      var track;
      track = pl.tracks[0];
      return'/tracks/' +, function(sound) {
        return tracks_ready();


The code is executed after jquery and "//" are included.

And it gives Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'id' of undefined with the following trace: - window.SC.SC.Helper.merge.whenStreamingReady - some SM2 stuff
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Oh, there seems to be a bug in Quick workaround is to pass the optional options object:'/tracks/' +, {}, function(sound)....) Will make sure to get a fix out there as soon as possible.

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wow, that was quick ;) – Guard Apr 30 '12 at 17:11

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