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I have a jquery ui resizable handler which tends to be quite slow as it is inside a web app. It is possible to drag it slowly and it wont let go, but if it strays off of the handle, it "lets go" and discontinues dragging.

$footer.resizable({ // Footer UI resize
    handles: 'n',
    maxHeight: footerHeight,
    minHeight: minFooterHeight - 5,
    stop: function () { // When user has stopped resizing

    $footer.css({ // reset footer width and top position
        'width': '100%',
        'top': 'auto'


    if ($(this).height() < minFooterHeight) { // if the height < #, hide it
        updateHeight(0, $footer);

    updateHeight(); // update #mainWrap height
resize: function (event, ui) {
    $footerContent.height($(this).height() - 35);

    updateHeight(); // On footer resize, calculate and resize
}).css('height', Math.ceil((footerHeight + footerHeight / 2) / 2)); ;

$window.resize(function () { // Window resize

I realized that the $window (aka $(window) ) resize is being triggered every pixel dragged, (though I'm not sure why) causing a huge performance cut. Basically, my question is, why is it calling the window resize? Whats with the "letting go"

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I commented out some of the fn calls inside the footer resize "resize" and "stop" methods. Still pretty sketchy. – iRedMedia Apr 30 '12 at 14:08

Try using resizestop instead of resize:

resizestop: function (event, ui) {
    $footerContent.height($(this).height() - 35);

    updateHeight(); // On footer resize, calculate and resize

The difference is that resize is called every time the mouse moves while dragging. Depending on the complexity of your updateHeight() function this could become very slow.

resizestop is only called once the resizing has finished - ie. the click/drag ends.

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I thought "stop:" was for that? – iRedMedia Apr 30 '12 at 17:38

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