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I want to add a vote for my applivation RoR wthe the gem"Thumbs_up",but when i click in "vote_up" or "vote_down", nothing happens, i did'nt khnow the problem my cod in viex is:

  = javascript_include_tag 'votecount'
        = t "idea.colaboration.accept.what_do_you_want_html", user: @collab.user.name
           = link_to image_tag('thumb_up.png'), vote_up_idea_path(@idea), data: {vote: "up"}, remote: true,:method => :post
           = link_to image_tag('thumb_down.png'), vote_down_idea_path(@idea), data: {vote: "down"}, remote: true,:method => :post

and in the "votecount.js", i have:

        var val = $(this).attr('updown');
        var theid = $(this).attr('theid');
        $("#votewrapper").block({ //blocks rate-rates while processing
            message: null,
            overlayCSS: {
                backgroundColor: '#FFF',
                opacity: 0.6,
                cursor: 'default'
    if (val == "up") {
            type: 'PUT',
            url: "/idea/vote_up?id="+theid,
            success: function(){
    } else {
            type: 'PUT',
            url: "/idea/vote_down?id="+theid,
            success: function(){

(evry user can vote for an idea thanks a lot

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Check your logs. As far as I can see, Rails is catching the request before you do, so the request is probably happening, but your custom javascript just is too late.

This is because you've specified remote: true inside your links. That means that Rails (with jquery_ujs, which is automatically included) will perform this link as an AJAX request.

Leave out remote: true if you want to handle the request yourself; or hook into the AJAX request made by Rails.

Just an idea (by heart, so probably not right):

$('a[data-vote]').bind('ajax:beforeSend', function() {
  // something
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