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I have strings that I download from the web that look like this:

משה פרץ

How can I get the real string from this string?

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yes it convert from NSData but it won't help – MTA Apr 30 '12 at 15:14
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The string you are getting from the web contains HTML entities (i.e: מ). You could manually detect and capture the hexadecimal values (ie: 0x5DE in this case) and feed it to a NSMutableString.

This other question might have other useful options for you: Objective-C: How to replace HTML entities?

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You could try the GTMNSString+HTML class developed by Google. Specifically, the method:

/// Get a string where internal characters that are escaped for HTML are unescaped 
///  For example, '&' becomes '&'
///  Handles   and 2 cases as well
//  Returns:
//    Autoreleased NSString
- (NSString *)gtm_stringByUnescapingFromHTML;

Github (Michael Waterfall) - actually from Google Toolbox for Mac - may or may not be compatible with iOS.

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