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Someone exported FileMaker Pro 9 tables and I am trying to read them with Java. I have the fmjdbc.jar installed I can register the driver with Class.forName("com.filemaker.jdbc.Driver");

The exported files are not on a server so the

DriverManager.getConnection(“jdbc:filemaker://”,”username”, “password”)

example is not relevant.

How can I read standalone *.fp7 files on my windows drive with JDBC?

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The FileMaker files need to be hosted on FileMaker Server, which you then connect to with JDBC.

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Thanks Sam, if I install a sever trail will i be able to import these exported fp7 files? – user1366054 Apr 30 '12 at 18:29
Your best bet might be to get a copy of FileMaker pro (not server), open the FileMaker files in FileMaker, and export the data you need as XML or CSV. – Sam Barnum Apr 30 '12 at 22:38

Be aware that the com.filemaker.jdbc.Driver version is ONLY for use with FileMaker version 11 and above. Prior to that you need to use the SEQUELink driver - you should find it somewhere in the installer package for your version of FileMaker.

IIRC FileMaker Pro can be used as a JDBC host, however you need to make sure that the database file you are trying to access has the ODBC/JDBC extended privileges allowed (within FileMaker, open the file then choose Define->Accounts and create a privilege set that includes fmxdbc).

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