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I am using the following regex to match a doc name:




The Underscore can appear at any point in time before the .txt, but so far i have been unsuccessful in



Thank you

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You missed the quantifier: + or * in this case.

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You forgot to add a quantifier, for example:


plus sign means: "at least one character or more", so it will match all characters before ".txt" part.

But I recommend you don't try specify all possible characters in first part of file name (because it could contain Unicode symbols f.e.). Try use this regex:


It will match every file name, that have .txt extension. If you have full path in file names (disk, parent folder(s) + path separators), you should use this one:

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or use the alpha-numeric class [[:alnum:]_]+\.txt And note that the + quantifier is only available when using extended regex. For basic regex' you'd have to use: [[:alnum:]_][[:alnum:]_]*\.txt –  Pat Apr 30 '12 at 16:47

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