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I have been trying to parse for this certain piece of text in a webpage with selenium and cannot figure out why I cannot display the text I want. The snippet of code on the page is as such

<div id="BVRRRatingOverall_Review_Display" class="BVRRRating BVRRRatingNormal BVRRRatingOverall">
<div class="BVRRLabel BVRRRatingNormalLabel"/>
<div class="BVRRRatingNormalOutOf">
<span class="BVRRNumber BVRRRatingNumber">4</span>
<span class="BVRRSeparatorText">out of</span>
<span class="BVRRNumber BVRRRatingRangeNumber">5</span>

Where I want to get the text "4 out of 5". I am using firebug to check my xpath/cssSelector is valid but selenium still cannot find the text. I have tried different implementation of waits and cssSelectors to try and remedy this too. Nothing seems to work. The code I am currently working with is

String Url2 = "http://www.walmart.com/catalog/allReviews.do?product_id=16207347";
driver.manage().timeouts().implicitlyWait(10, TimeUnit.SECONDS);
System.out.println("test" + driver.findElement(By.cssSelector(".BVRRSeparatorText")).getText());

Where I am just trying to print "test out of" to screen but I only print "test". Does anyone know how I can get this to work? Ive looked around the internet but nothing I found worked.

The equivalent xpath I am also testing for this case is //*[@id='BVRRRatingOverall_Review_Display']/div[@class='BVRRRatingNormalOutOf']/span[@class='BVRRSeparatorText']

Edit* I think the problem is because the text is never actually displayed on the webpage. Its text that would only be seen upon hovering over the element on the page.

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You can get the alt text of the ratings star image instead.

The Ruby syntax is (not sure the exact syntax for the other languages but similar should exist):

e = driver.find_element(:css, ".BVImgOrSprite")                                                    
puts e.attribute('alt')                                                                       
# => 4 out of 5       
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