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I have this message when I build my project:

dyld: Library not loaded:

  Referenced from: /Users/dev01/mobile/ios/Test/test/testTests/FoneMonkey/bin/iphonesim
  Reason: image not found

This is dynamic link error and as I understand correct this error came because image not found. is this correct?

What steps should be taken to resolve errors?

I have found this link and as I understad this error came because I use xcode 4.3. Now I have try this on 4.2 and everething work good.

But I not have any idea how to run it on XCode 4.3

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possible duplicate of dyld issues library not loaded –  Saeed Amiri Mar 4 '13 at 14:59
I have the same problem with 5.1. Not sure what it is. THe duplicate link did not fix the issue. –  nycynik Mar 21 at 15:04
@nycynik I am using Xcode 5 right now –  Matrosov Alexander Mar 23 at 19:06
Are you maybe trying to load a library that doesn't support the simulator's arch? –  iamamused Apr 27 at 2:30

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Check your SDK project settings (i.e. when passing from SDK 6.x to 7.x) maybe one of library was not compiled for architecture and project target. And the paths. Clean DerivedData and delete app from simulator (if it is there). If you still need the Sdk just copy it from Xcode 4.6.(3) both for device and simulator and see if this solve your problem.

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