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I have used font-size: 0; on the parent element and that's how I got the links to have no spaces but the space is still there in Firefox.

Please test this in Firefox and then any other browser and you'll see that Firefox is showing a space (albeit 1px) between the links where as no other browser is doing this... well IE6&7 but lets not talk about them...


Does anyone know why? And how I could go about and solving it without using javascript to determine the browser?

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possible duplicate of Unknown space between links – j08691 Apr 30 '12 at 16:42
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The reason why this is happening is because there is a text-node with a line-break in between the a-tags. And since you have set letter-spacing: 1px; and the firefox coders have chosen to implement letter-spacing the way they have, you get 1px of letter spacing after or before that textnode.

The solution, as already hinted at elsewhere, is to change the rule for div#navigation to not have the line letter-spacing: 1px in it, like this:

div#navigation {
  position: relative;
  padding: 1px 0;
  border-top: 1px solid black;
  border-bottom: 1px solid black;
  font-family: Georgia, Serif;
  margin: 0 auto 2px auto;
  width: 400px;
  font-size: 0;
  text-shadow: 0 1px #fff;

You can see a working version with the fix applied here: http://jsfiddle.net/uZMzA/10/

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maybe you mean:

letter-spacing: 0

This cause your "bug"


If you want the letter spacing at 1px, this is a good solution, fiddle up

Just adding:

display: inline-block to the Div container css and float: left to the a element.

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edited showing another solution. – Andrea Turri Apr 30 '12 at 16:35

Read this post. You will find all available techniques on its body and comments, as well as their tradeoffs.


The "remove the spaces" option is mentioned first, as it's the easiest to implement. But it's also "a bit funky".

The "letter-spacing - based" option is listed in the comments, but notice that you will have to include additional css if you want to make IE < 8 happy.

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I knew I read something about this just the other day. Good link. – j08691 Apr 30 '12 at 17:30

Simply remove the white space from your code like this jsFiddle example.


<div id="navigation">
    <a href="#">Link1</a><a href="#">Link2</a><a href="#">Link3</a><a href="#">Link4</a>
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Why the downvote? I don't know why was stupid enough to downvote multiple answers here but this is the right solution. – j08691 Apr 30 '12 at 16:29
-1 because it is not really a solution. You let the layout be dictated by the sourcecode, which you should never do. The correct solution is to remove the rule letter-spacing: 1px which is causing the problem. – Martin Jespersen Apr 30 '12 at 16:36
It is absolutely a solution since the OP's problem is caused by white space that either commenting or removing will fix. – j08691 Apr 30 '12 at 16:37
The problem is not the sourcecode but the style being applied. Changing the source code is a solution the same way taking pain pills is the solution to the headache you get by repeatedly headbutting a wall. But the real solution for that is of cause to stop headbutting the wall. – Martin Jespersen Apr 30 '12 at 16:40

This is silly and I can't really explain the "why" of that occurrence but here are two ways to correct the display.

FF doesn't like the space in the code. Either remove the carriage returns between your <a> tags or comment them out, like this:

<div id="navigation">
    <a href="#">Link1</a><!--
    --><a href="#">Link2</a><!--
    --><a href="#">Link3</a><!--
    --><a href="#">Link4</a>
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