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As must be obvious, I am no CSS expert. I have a class


and a div

<div class="hidden">

But the div is not hidden when the page is rendered. When I look at the Computed styles in Chrome, it says the display property was overridden by the user agent stylesheet. Why?

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a good article on hiding elements: – scrappedcola Apr 30 '12 at 16:39
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.hidden {    
    display: none

is the correct syntax.

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If you want the element to not be visible AND not take in any space you should do:

.hidden { display: none; }

However if you want to hide the element, but let it take in space you should do:

.hidden { visibility: hidden; }

See this simple demo for an example.

The fact that you think the style is overwritten by the user-agent is that the user-agent doesn't recognize the style you are trying to use (because it is invalid).

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Use display:none instead

Alternatively use visibility: hidden or opacity: 0 but please not browser support is sketchy

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