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I have a modalpopup which is showed automaticaly on startup of page. I'm doing this on Page_Load event.

    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
        if (!IsPostBack)

    private void InitiallizeAll()

In aspx side I have a dropdownlist on a modalpopup but the index is always posting zero to the javascript code.

    <asp:ModalPopupExtender ID="ModalPopupExtender1" runat="server"           
<asp:Panel ID="panEdit" runat="server" Height="180px" Width="400px" CssClass="modalPopup">
    <table width="100%">
            <td class="labelCell">
                <asp:Label ID="lblBolge" Text="Bölge" runat="server" />
                <asp:DropDownList ID="ddlIl" runat="server" 
                <asp:ObjectDataSource ID="ObjectDataSource1" runat="server" 
                        <asp:QueryStringParameter DefaultValue="0" 
                                                  Type="Int32" />
    <br />
    <asp:Button ID="btnGonder" runat="server" Text="Devam Et" />
<a id="lnkPopup" runat="server">Show Popup</a>

And this is my javascript code

        <script type="text/javascript">
        function onOk() {
        var e = document.getElementById("ddlIl");
        var selectedIlId = e.options[e.selectedIndex].value;
        window.location = "/Pages/AnaSayfa/LasosAnaSayfa.aspx?bolge=" + selectedIlId;

But I'm always getting selectedIlId is "0". Value is not changing whatever I select from dropdownlist

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First, you should check if you got the good selected index. :

Replace temporally var selectedIlId = e.options[e.selectedIndex].value; by var selectedIlId = e.selectedIndex;

If it's OK, you should check you data source by making sure the Id field is correct, the easiest way to to this is to set DataTextField="Id" to your DropdownList and check the values that appears in it.

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thx for reply i solved this problem with using code-behing button_click() event. javascript solution did not work for me – rblerk May 7 '12 at 11:47
This is not an help forum, asking question and just saying you solved your problem is not a recommended behavior. You will probably be down-voted and you post will be ignored if you continue on this path. – DavRob60 May 7 '12 at 11:58
i'm sorry but i dont know what should i do in this sitution. i just wanted to answer your recommendation – rblerk May 8 '12 at 12:15

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