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When I use more, most commonly through help, there are certain keys that do special things (q ends the more command, Enter scrolls down etc.).

Is there a way in PowerShell itself to get help on these keys or do I need to Google it up?

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more in Powerhsell is just a function with following definition:

$OutputEncoding = [System.Console]::OutputEncoding

    foreach ($file in $paths)
        Get-Content $file |
    $input |

So at the command line, you should be able to do /? and see help, with the following text in it, which is what you are looking for:

If extended features are enabled, the following commands
are accepted at the -- More -- prompt:

P n     Display next n lines
S n     Skip next n lines
F       Display next file
Q       Quit
=       Show line number
?       Show help line
<space> Display next page
<ret>   Display next line
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