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I am trying to make a username migrater for minecraft.net as a mod so people will be able to migrate their account ingame to discourage cracking of accounts. In order to do that I need to post a form to the website. I manage to successfully obtain the cookies so that the authenticityToken will remain the same but whenever I try to post the data back to the site it throws 'java.io.IOException: Too many redirects occurred trying to load URL https://account.mojang.com/migrate'

I am really not sure why this is happening but it may be to do with the website. The authentityToken definitely matches. I have checked this when not posting to the site and supplying the same cookies. Here is the code I am currently using

try {
        Response response = Jsoup.connect("https://account.mojang.com/migrate").execute(); //downloads site to get the cookies
        String auth = response.body();
        String auth2 = auth.split("name=\"authenticityToken\" value=\"")[1];
        auth = auth2.split("\">")[0];
        Map<String, String> cookies = response.cookies();
        Connection connection = Jsoup.connect("https://account.mojang.com/migrate").data("action", "/migrate/check")
                .data("authenticityToken", auth)
                .data("mcusername", "username")
                .data("password", "password")
        for (Entry<String, String> cookie : cookies.entrySet()) {
            connection.cookie(cookie.getKey(), cookie.getValue());
        connection.execute(); //exception thrown here
        Document document = connection.get();
        String docHtml = document.html();
    } catch (Exception e) {

Any help at all would be appreciated greatly

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final Response response = 
// parse the response as a document, so that we can extract stuff
final Document doc = response.parse();
// correct way to extract parsed html
final Element authToken = doc.select("input[name^=authenticityToken]").get(0);
final Map<String, String> cookies = response.cookies();
// action isn't part of the querystring. The form POST URL is our target.
final Connection connection = 
            .data("authenticityToken", authToken.val()) // correct way to extract val
            .data("mcusername", "username")
            .data("password", "password")
for (final Entry<String, String> cookie : cookies.entrySet()) {
    connection.cookie(cookie.getKey(), cookie.getValue());
final Response postResponse = connection.execute(); // consume response

Response JSON:

{"error":"Invalid username or password."}

Your Mistakes:

  1. The form action is not a query string parameter. Thus .data("action", "/migrate/check") is incorrect. The form action is part of the POST URL as shown in my code above.

  2. Document document = connection.get(); is making a GET request at the URL. This is incorrect. connection.execute() has already made a POST. Just read the response, final Response postResponse = connection.execute().

  3. There's no need to parse the hidden input, authenticityToken like that. Jsoup can do it for you as I have demonstrated.

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Thankyou for the help but there is one more problem. That problem is that the webbrowser then links to account.mojang.com/migrate/chooseEmail which returns a 404 error for me? Not sure how the webbrowser gets there and that is the page with the choice to migrate the account on –  Twisted_Tornado Apr 30 '12 at 19:13

HttpConnection.Responce have MAX_REDIRECTS constant that equals 20. Your execution exceeded this limit, so IOException was thrown.

Seems that connection stuck in endless loop of redirects. Try to change the method of posting data.

EDIT Yeap, every new page after redirect have 302 status code. So it the problem is with your request maybe.

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Strange, I haven't encountered any redirect loop. His request was incorrect, but 'twas just 404ing for me. –  Sahil Muthoo Apr 30 '12 at 18:19

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