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I'm having trouble figuring out what's the proper way to setup a SSL virtual host + a non-SSL copy of it.

I have it like this now:
<VirtualHost myip:80>
plenty of directives here


<VirtualHost myip:443>
same directives as above

And it works fine but every time I edit the directives in one of the vhosts, I must do it in the other as well. Anything cleaner and more elegant?

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To run a website on both HTTP and HTTPS URLs, your only option is to run 2 separate VirtualHosts with the same DocumentRoot.

If the directives context allows, you can keep some of the common settings in a .htaccess file in a folder that is parent to both DocumentRoots.

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Thanks. I ended up using the Include directive inside VirtualHost and putting all common stuff in a separate file. –  Amati May 1 '12 at 13:52

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