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Is it possible to open/initiate a google chrome extension via a short cut key. For example I would like to assign a short cut of, lets say, CTRL + E to open my extension and initiate it.

Has anyone done this before?

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UPDATE (5/24/2013): You can use the new chrome.commands API, which provides built-in framework support for keyboard commands.

Original answer follows:

Step 1: Use a content script to bind a keypress listener to every page.

// in the content script, listen for Crtl+Shift+E (upper or lowercase)
document.documentElement.addEventListener("keypress", function(event) {
    if((e.keyCode == 69 || e.keyCode == 101) && e.ctrlKey && e.shiftKey) {
        // do something (step 2, below)
}, true);

Step 2: For action outside of the content script, use message passing to notify the background page that the shortcut key has been pressed and it should perform some action.

Step 3: The background page does some action. It's currently not possible (and will likely never be possible) to open a Browser Action popup programatically, but you could send an interactive desktop notification, open a new tab, or do a lot of other things.

[EDIT: Code edited to include Rob W.'s suggestions; see his important notes on security in the comment below.]

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I'd bind the event to document.documentElement, with the third parameter (useCapture) set to true. Elaboration: 1. document.body might be null for incomplete documents. 2. When useCapture is set to true, a page's event.stopPropagation() will not prevent your listener from being triggered. Warning: It is possible to simulate this event in the page. Do not attach a potentially dangerous operation to the shortcut. –  Rob W Apr 30 '12 at 20:52

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