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I am creating a PHP site and have ran into the following problem, i would like to be able to click a hyperlink on a page, send a small data item to a php script, have the script perform its function and then return the results.

I am using AJAX with this site to have each page load into a div section of the site, all pages, data and responses load into this central div, like so:

        <div id="topMenuBar">
            <div id="contents">
            //ALL DATA IS LOADED HERE...//

So, when a page is selected from the top menu i simply have the following code run:

$('#topMenuBar a').click(function(e)
    $('#contents').load($(this).attr('href'), function()

Now that pages load into the content section, I am loading a page called "results.php" which connects to a DB, queries it, and the creates a HTML table with the results. Each table row has a small hyperlink which when clicked is intended to send a value to another PHP script and then clear the contents div and then repopulate the div with the response from this script (getInfo.php). For example, a row will have the following PHP code generate a link:

<label class="moreInfo"><a name="test01" onClick="getInfoFromPHP(<?php echo $data[$id]; ?> )">Get Info</a></label>

So when the table is generated by PHP it, the link when clicked passes a JS function the value.

What i now need to do is to send the value to a PHP script which will again query the DB, and have the results inserted into the "contents" div. I have been trying the following function.

function getInfoFromPHP(myVar){
    var netID = myVar;
        url: "getInfo.php",
        type: "POST",     
        data: { 
            networkID: netID
        success: function(html) {

When i call the function it does seem to send the data to the script but i get the following error from firebug:

POST - 200 OK -15ms
GET 403 Forbidden 21ms "NetworkError: 403 Forbidden -" Hello

The PHP script is only doing the following:

    $networkID = $_POST['networkID'];
    echo "<h2>Hello World</h2>";

What is the best way to send data to a PHP script and have it load into a div?

Thanks for any feedback.

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When you call $('#contents').load(html);, you are firing another AJAX request. You want $('#contents').html(html); to load the response into the selected container. – Mathletics Apr 30 '12 at 17:36
try removing the http:// from the url – 3nigma Apr 30 '12 at 17:39
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In the success function, put $('#contents').html(html); instead of load.

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success: function(html) {

Is returning html as a string that does not need to be 'load'ed again like you try here -


Change that line to this

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A better way is using $.ajax to send the request. On the success callback, you can analyse the result, and do what you want with :


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The OP is using $.ajax in his second call. – Jay Blanchard Apr 30 '12 at 17:36

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