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For a very basic generic model of categories, I'm trying to get the morphism associated with a pair of objects in a contravariant fashion.

class Obj[DerivedObj <: Obj[DerivedObj]] { /* ... */ }

class Morphism[DerivedMorphism <: Morphism[DerivedMorphism]] { /* ... */ }

I'd like to somehow be able to define:

def mor( from : SomeConcreteObj, to : SomeConcreteObj ) : SomeConcreteMorphism;

but the `obvious' solution of making mor a method of Obj would require Obj to be additionally type-parameterized by Morphism.

What's the Scala way of achieving such a thing?

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Which of many possible morphisms mor should return? –  n.m. Apr 30 '12 at 18:56

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OK, bad entity relationship on my part. Presumably the implication is that mor is actually a method of some Category class:

trait Cat[O,M] {
   def mor( from : O, to : O ) : M;


which would seem to solve the problem.

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