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Thanks in Advance. I am trying to Copy file in parent directory of script file.

Ex. www.xyz.com/empty_page.php www.xyz.com/empty_popup.php

Now my Script is Under admin forlder. Ex. www.xyz.com/admin/copy.php

in copy.php i put follow code but its not function

copy('../empty_page.php', '../new_page1.php');
copy('../empty_popup.php', '../new_popup1.php');

But its not working. if the copy.php is under www.xyz.com/ it will work with following code

Ex. www.xyz.com/copy.php (worked fine)

copy('empty_page.php', 'new_page1.php');
copy('empty_popup.php', 'new_popup1.php');

Please help me to solve this issue. Again Thanks in Advance.

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You are trying to write a new file in the parent directory. Make sure that the web server user has write permissions on the parent directory. –  Michael Berkowski Apr 30 '12 at 18:43
Thanks Michael... I am testing with localhost(Wamp Server) too... but not working :( –  rkaartikeyan Apr 30 '12 at 18:44

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What about if you try something like this?

$path = dirname(__FILE__);
copy("$path/file1.php", "$path/file2.php");


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