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I'm tuning my rails app to reduce the number of objects created. I've been using MemProf with Ruby 1.8 MRI and a number of improvements as a result.

Now that I've tuned the bottlenecks that reside wholly within my own code, I need something more. While a count of objects created by lines of third party code is a good hint, it doesn't help me correlate my code to the object creation. Ideally I'd be able to navigate back up the calltree from a hotspot to my code.

Are there better tool out there? I've looked at ruby-prof, and I'm using REE in production.

Ruby Memory Validator looks reasonable, but it requires a Windows OS.

What are you using to tune the object creation behaviour of your rails apps?

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Use the profiler & generate Tree output. Then analysis on that can be done using kcachegrind, its not ruby specific but provides excellent indepth detail.

See Performance Testing Rails Applications

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Thanks, Gaurish. I'll give that a try. –  Curious Attempt Bunny May 4 '12 at 12:50

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