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I believe I have seen a method for doing this, but I do not remember.

I am trying to load a control using something like:

string str = "<asp:label id=\"myLabel\" runat=\"server\" />";

Control ctrl = SomeMagicalLoadControlMethod(str);

Is there a method for this?

And yes, I am familiar with the LoadControl method, but that's not what I need.


The method I was thinking of was ParseControl.

To help anyone else out..

Control ctrl = ParseControl("<asp:label id=\"myLabel\" runat=\"server\" />");
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I cannot imagine doing something like what you describe. It looks like such as horrendous thing to do that if indeed this is possible, I would rather forget that I saw it and rethink my approach.

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Looks like he want to do some dynamic control stuff. But better checkout any MVC framework and eventually add a client MVC like ExtJS as well... –  YvesR Apr 30 '12 at 19:31
The method i was thinking of is ParseControl and it cant be so horrendous if its an actual method. –  Dan Rivera Apr 30 '12 at 19:58

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