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I am working on Hippo CMS, which has a plug-in for RSS feed the RSS can grab documents from existed folders.
But I would like to implement a feature to let it grab document from facet but not real folder.
So I can do something like news/2012/published to get what I want.
Anyone tried this before? Please share some idea about how I can do it.

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Yes that should be possible. You could create a hippo:facetnavigation structure and show the tree like that. Next to that you probably need to modify the default RSSFeedBuilder component, so that it can handle this kind of structure.

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Yes you are right, I can use JCR_query command to handle the facet issue. Thank you – Allan Jiang May 1 '12 at 1:36

The RSS feeds on my Hippo based site are based on facets. I'm using ROME to create the feed.

You can find the code that creates the feed on:

I only use these JSPs because the HST component needs a rendering template and the feed needs to have the correct header for the content type:

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