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My Bootstrap grid is 910px spanning 15 columns. Each post in my Wordpress loop spans 5 columns.

Here's the static code:

<div class="container">     

    <div class="row">

        <div class="span5">
            <p>Post title and image</p>

        <div class="span5">
            <p>Post title and image</p>

        <div class="span5">
            <p>Post title and image</p>



And then here's roughly how it would look with the loop:

<div class="container">     

    <?php theloop; ?>


Unless there's a better way, I think I want to tell Wordpress to say:

  • Make a variable $counter
  • For every post, increase the value by one
  • Where the value is one, start the post with div class="row"
  • Where the value is three, start the post with </div> (closing the row)
  • Reset $counter to zero after reaching three and start again

I don't know how to do this. I've asked for help with a similar issue before but I'm totally new to PHP, I'd really appreciate a clear breakdown and explanation.

Thank you!

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Looks like another use-case for the TableIterator. – hakre Apr 30 '12 at 20:33
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Try it somehow like this:

 echo '<div class="row">';
 if (have_posts()) : ?>
           <?php while (have_posts()) :   
           // do stuff ...
           if($i % 3 == 0)
               echo '</div><div class="row">';
           $i++; endwhile; ?>
 <?php endif; ?>

I didn't test it, but somehow like this. Use the modulo function.

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