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I'm using bootstrap and opa to display a textarea, and I don't manage to span my textarea over all the screen width.

I'm using the following simple code :

import stdlib.themes.bootstrap;
import stdlib.widgets.bootstrap;

WB = WBootstrap;

textInput = <textarea style="width=30%" rows=30> This is a text area </textarea>
text2Input = <textarea style="width=100%" rows=1> another textarea </textarea>

content = WB.Grid.row([{span:4, offset:none, content: text2Input}]) <+>
 WB.Grid.row([{span:16, offset:none, content: textInput}])

     {page: function() {content}, title: "test" }

I also try to use the following css :

    border:1px solid #999999;
    margin:5px 0;

But it doesn't work either.

It seems that WBoostrap override all my change. The "width:100%" style doesn't appear in the xhtml generated by opa.

What is the correct way for doing that ?


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Well there are multiple problems in your code :

  • First, there is a typo : it is style="width:100%"

  • Second, Twitter Bootstrap 2.0 is now 12 columns width, so span16 has no meaning, you can write span12 at most (if you looked at, it says up to 16 because it was written for BS <= 1.4)

  • Third, where did you write you CSS ? If it's directly in Opa (css = ...), it is indeed overwritten by Bootstrap CSS (since Opa CSS will be included before all other resources), so you will probably need to include an external CSS (you can have a look at

  • Finally, WBootstrap.Grid does not really seem to be adapted to make 100% width elements.

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