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I have a pdf powerpoint presentation. On each slide, there are small bullets on the left hand side with the titles of the slides. So you can just click on a little bullet to go to a slide. Also there are page numbers on each slide.

How do you get the small bullets and page numbers on the slides?

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Getting a page number on each slide depends somewhat on which version of PPT you have, but basically, you go to the slide master and use Powerpoint's own command to add a slide number footer.

As to the bullets, it's hard to know exactly what you're seeing. It doesn't sound like the normal PDF thumbnail pane. To get the same effect, you could add the bullets (any shape, really) to the slide master, add the slide titles, then add links to each slide. Quite a job if you're doing it manually; it could be done in code, I expect, though.

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Go to insert, then Header and footer.

From here, under the slide tab, check the box for slide number, and click Apply to All

This will make a slide number appear on your page.

Insert --> Header & Footer Check slide number --> Apply to All

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