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I am currently doing pragmatic studios course and this is some code I wrote for one of the exercises. When I run the code I get an object id in addition to the method I intended to call. The exercise creates a game where you can increase or decrease a players health using a blam or w00t method.

    class Player ##creates a player class
attr_accessor :fname, :lname, :health
def initialize fname, lname, health=100
 @fname, @lname, @health = fname.capitalize, lname.capitalize, health

def to_s
   #defines the method to introduce a new player
   #replaces the default to_s method 
  puts "I'm #{@fname} with a health of #{@health}."

def blam #the method for a player to get blammed?
  @health -= 10
  puts "#{@fname} got blammed!"
def w00t #the method for a player getting wooted
  @health += 15
  puts "#{@fname} got w00ted"
larry ="larry","fitzgerald",60)
curly ="curly","lou",125)
moe ="moe","blow")
shemp ="shemp","",90)

puts larry
puts larry.blam
puts larry
puts larry.w00t
puts larry

My output looks like this:

I'm Larry with a health of 60.
Larry got blammed!
I'm Larry with a health of 50.
Larry got w00ted
I'm Larry with a health of 65.

I can't figure out why the object ids (or nil) is printed to the console when I run the code. Thanks!

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Because your functions should be returning strings, but they are actually returning the result of puts "something"

do this instead:

def w00t
 @health += 15
 "#{@fname} got w00ted"

Then when you do puts obj.w00t, it will perform the action, and return the string.

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That worked, Thanks! –  Jeff Baird Apr 30 '12 at 23:09
@JeffBaird happy to help. In a few minutes you should be able to mark the question as answered –  Mitch Dempsey Apr 30 '12 at 23:10

Every method in Ruby returns a value so the #blam method does return something. In this case it is the value of the last expression: the result of calling puts, which is nil. So when you puts larry.blam you are puts-ing the return of the last statement, puts, and thus nil.

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That makes sense, thanks! –  Jeff Baird Apr 30 '12 at 23:10

Just remove some puts. Your methods prints everything on stdout, and you prints their result.

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